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Chockfast®... because grouting ain't easy!

ITW Polymers Coatings - North America is the foremost global supplier of specialized grouts, polymers and foundation systems for improving industrial equipment performance and reliability while increasing service longevity and lowering operating costs. For over six decades our Chockfast grouting and foundation products have proven to be the ideal choice for a wide array of machinery grouting applications in a host of industries worldwide.

In addition to our best-in-class offering of grouting and foundation products, we also manufacture a complete array of other specialty polymer product solutions for commercial, marine and industrial use. Our ever-growing experience in world and industrial markets provide us with the resources to remain on the leading edge of technology. We continually strive to create innovative, proven solutions to difficult problems.


ITW Chockfast Foundation Systems ITW Escoweld Industrial Grouts and Polymers
Engineered Grouting and Chocking Compounds for large compressors and other high - dynamic, industrial machinery to enhance performance and lower operating costs. Engineered Grouting System for pumps, motors and other rotating equipment for enhancing performance and lowering your operating costs.
The Chockfast® Foundation System of epoxy resin compounds provides all of the advantages necessary for superior performance including fast, convenient installations; precise, reliable alignment; resistance to thermal growth under hot-running machinery; rapid curing with negligible shrinkage; and maximum versatility for dependable solutions with the most difficult installation problems.

There is an ideal Chockfast® product for each grouting or chocking application. Chockfast® Red has earned an unmatched reputation for reliability with major gas pipelines; chemical, petrochemical and refining complexes; power facilities; mining operations; manufacturing; engineering and design organizations; and industrial constructors worldwide.

Available Worldwide

ESCOWELD® is an engineered Epoxy Grout System primarily used with rotating machinery and equipment in industrial process industries where performance and operating reliability are crucial. Many considerations should be made when installing equipment. One of the most significant considerations - the type of grout to use - is many times neglected. This can become a root cause of poor equipment performance and unpredictability.

The right epoxy grouting compound, as part of a well - engineered equipment system, can help provide years of cost - effective, reliable performance. ESCOWELD® has a longstanding reputation for providing reliability solutions to industrial equipment users worldwide.

Available in North America only

Epoxy Grouts / Features & Benefits

Maintains Permanent Alignment / Excellent Chemical Resistance / Superior Vibration Damping / High Physical Properties

Increased Equipment and Foundation Service Life / Lower Equipment Operating Costs  / Increase MTBF

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The Chockfast Red Advantage for Grouting Wind Turbines

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Chockfast Red HF
Chockfast Red HF Epoxy Grout NOW available in a neutral color version!

Epoxy Grouts enhance
performance on a wide range
of machinery & equipment

PumpsSteam and Gas Turbines
LathesBall MillsChippers
GeneratorsWind Turbine Foundations
Ash Handling SystemsShears
ExcitersBlowersPlate Mills
Electric MotorsGranulators
Coker Drums
ID FansCrane Rails
SeparatorsFluid Drives
Gear DrivesRolling Mills
PressesMixersBoring Mills
Rail Car Unloaders
Cooling Tower FansExtruders
And More!

Industries Served
Mining & MetalsEnergy
Water / Wastewater
Pulp & PaperPharmaceuticals

CWC 604 Machine Bond eopxy grout pour

CWC 604® Machine Bond® Epoxy Grout
is also manufactured by
ITW Polymers Coatings North America

Available in North America only.

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